You all remember, don't you?

You know...back in high school? Yearbook signing party in the cafeteria? We all meant it when we signed LYLAS, KIT and TLF. Funny how the acronyms now are so different. And, who even signs yearbooks anymore? Or hands out and signs wallets? I know, these photos have NOTHING to do with high school, but when I took them, and edited them, and shared them, all I could think about was TLF. True Love Forever. The cute little blondy's parents went to preschool together, then were back together in high school. Started dating in senior year, and the rest is history. I do not think they exchanged flowers or anything in preschool, but you never know...

The beautiful princess is one of blondy's favorite side chicks. I called mom and said...hey...I need Tys to come over for photos, and bring a cutie with him for flower photos. My sister (Tys mom) ALWAYS complies, and goes above and beyond to help me out whenever I need a model. She hit it out of the ball park with these two, and I was able to capture what might show up in their wedding slideshow someday...maybe...CYL

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