Wildflowers Photography – Beverly Hills – Michigan Family Photographer

This stunning family invited me into their home to fulfill a need.  To capture their lives in their happy home while their daughter was back home visiting from…Australia!  That’s right folks…the other side of the world.  Life can take you to all sorts of places.  It can lead you across the ocean, or across the street.  In any case, make sure you document your time together.  You don’t have to hire a professional to capture your memories on film, (but if you do be sure to call me…lol), but capture them none the less.  Print them.  Hang them.  Cherish them.

I had some fun with this image.  Dad had showed me a Christmas card from friends of theirs that was, well, outstanding to say the least.  They were all in the desert with gorgeous mountains around.  It was really an impressive photo session, and had we had a desert and mountains in Michigan, I would have loved to try it myself.  Alas…we are in Michigan, and it was cold, and dreary out.  We completed their session in their beautiful home and I left to do my magic.  I found a beautiful setting that could be found in Michigan and surprised them with a fun edit.  Here is a before and after, let me know what you think!





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