Twins! {detroit newborn photographer}

Oh the feels!  The story of the home birth of these babies was amazing.  Well, hearing it as a mom that birthed 2 babies via c-section anyway.  I have such a admiration for those strong mommies that can set their mind to natural child birth, and then follow up on it.  To put it lightly, I am a wuss…and the thought of going through labor with nothing but breathing exercises and meditation baffles my mind.  So, back to this birth story.  Simply put, these babies were born on 2 different days.  Now…I am sure you are thinking, well, one must have been born before midnight, and the other shortly after.  Nope.  Baby girl came happily into the world in the afternoon of, lets just say, birth day one.  Baby boy though…decided that he was enjoying the cozy warm womb, and wanted to hang out just a bit.  I cannot remember the exact hours it took, but it was around 16 or 17 hours later, that baby boy introduced himself on birth day two!  Now mom’s of multiples…can you just imagine?

I was graced with the pleasure of meeting these beauties a week later.  Enjoy all the sweetness!



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