Metro Detroit Maternity Photographer | Henna Blessing

Oh baby!  I know, that is kinda corny but it fits!  I was super excited when I was approached and asked if I could photograph something amazing.  This momma is part of a family of beautiful people that collaborate with a midwifery near my home.  Modern Day Midwifery is owned and led by a very beautiful soul, Jamie Rekuc.  Her practice is not just an office.  From the moment you walk in you know you are not in any normal doctor’s office.  It radiates calm, and you leave feeling refreshed and happy.  It offers more than just bringing babies into this world.  Jamie is all about building community and stronger families, and holds events in her practice to continually support the community.  She invited 11 other people from the community to be a part of the practice that have their own specialty (myself included) so she can focus on bringing healthy babies into this world.  You can get more information on the services from the “Modern Day” website.

Now, the art itself was created by Jamie Laakko of The Facepaint Faerie (another member of the MDM Fam).  I arrived after she had started, but I watched as she lovingly finished up a design that she felt worked with momma’s perfectly round belly.  Jamie does henna blessings the first Thursday of every month at Modern Day Midwifery…so go visit!!  You can also visit her facebook page “HERE” to see what she is up to!

On to momma…Ashleigh is an RN that will be working with many of the families that visit Modern Day Midwifery.  She was a beautiful 39 weeks when this was completed and that belly was just perfect!  As I watched Jamie decorate the belly, her sweet little girl was just a rolling around in the belly.  It was truly amazing to watch.   I really love how beautiful the black and white images are, but I am sharing one color…just so you can see the how pretty it is! 

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