I am Batman {Detroit Child Photographer}

Ok…so this guy.   I will start by saying he is my great nephew.  **Disclaimer** I am not old enough to be a Great Aunt, I swear *wink*…so I am putting all that on my husband.  He is super sweet, super shy, and absolutely adorable.  Because I do not see him often, and I have 2 giant lights staring down on him when he comes for photos, it took a little warming up.  He is not usually a mask wearer…but he gladly put this one on.  When his mom said “Drop your chin and look up,” he did it without even pausing…and I got this fantastic shot of him.  Those eyes…that grin.  He melted my heart as usual, and I got another great photo to add to my portfolio.  Feel free to share, or comment.  Moms & Dads love hearing how cute their littles are!



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